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작성일 23-05-31 12:27


Seoul, Korea, May 31, 2023

OptiCore (CEO Jin Jae-hyun), a manufacture of ‘optical transceiver’, launched brand new company identity and a new way of communication platforms including logo, website, product design, documents and IT systems which will be officially revealed sequentially from June 1st, 2023. Through this new company identity, OptiCore aims to achieve a more interactive ways of communications with markets and to strengthen its market positions, while makes new entries into global data center markets on top of its existing telecom markets.

The new logo represents harmonization of company, customers and all related entities. The primary color, BLUE, symbolizes OptiCore’s higher vision and goal, and the RED is to reveal the passion and energy of team OptiCore. The ‘RED O’ is motivated by the image of ‘Light passing through the Planet Earth’ and reflects OptiCore’s commitment to proactively respond and innovate in todays and future ever-changing market environments, and to challenge whatever challenges customers are facing.