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Transceivers enabling fast & reliable optical connectivity

OptiCore provides optical transceivers and WDM passive devices to enable fast and reliable optical connectivity for the Telecom and Data Center.
Whether operating in harsh or controlled environment, OptiCore products will help operators ensure network stability and
reliability through its high level of quality assurance standard and service staffs with local stocking depots.
It’s well-designed supply chain capability also brings customers unstoppable delivery in any circumstances.

Who we are ?

OptiCore has dedicated company to design, develop and produce the highest quality optical solutions for wireless & transmission
networks, data centers and edge/cloud computing applications since its foundation in 2016.

OptiCore’s optical transceivers and WDM passive devices have been widely used for wireless fronthaul and backhaul applications
in the leading MNOs in Korea. In the courses of its growth, OptiCore has built comprehensive domain knowledge and technical
capabilities for the optical communication industry. It’s products and solutions are tailor-made for optimal field performance with
the highest quality and scalable economics, in which help customers ensure continuous network operations.

As telecom networks are advancing to virtualization, telecom networks and data center networks are converging into one single
network. OptiCore is moving forward to address this converged network by enhancing product/solution portfolio and customer
service capability while maintaining high product quality and extending supply chain capabilities. Whatever challenges customers
are facing in the transition, OptiCore is here with customers to provide solutions.

OptiCore challenges your optical challenges.

WhY OptiCore ?

What we do ?

We, OptiCore, solves the challenges our customers facing in the following applications.


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