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News OptiCore will present in KICS Summer Conference 2023

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작성일 23-05-10 12:24


Seoul, Korea, May 10, 2023

OptiCore (CEO Jin Jae-hyun), a manufacture of ‘optical transceiver’, will present company’s vision and strategy on Data Center transceivers in Korean Institute of Communication and Information Science (KICS) Summer Conference which is held from June 21st to 24th, 2023 in Jeju, Korea. KICS is the largest and leading ICT Institute in Korea.

OptiCore is invited as a speaker in the special session regarding ‘5G, Open RAN and Next Generation Networking Markets and Technologies’ organized by NIA running from 9:50am to 11:00am on June 22nd.

In the presentation, OptiCore will brief new and novel trend of Data Center architectures primarily motivated by the adoption of AI/ML and the corresponding evolution paths of optical transceivers. OptiCore will also unveil company’s vision on the transceivers supporting high speed with lower power consumption.